Corporate Brochure

Place Vendome, the most beautiful square in Paris and all the world is home to a pantheon of venerable jewelry houses. Our founder named the company Vendome in homage to this square and its power to inspire beauty.

The pioneering sprit that sparked our founding nearly five decades ago inspires us to bravely explore new from-tiers of fashion and tackle fresh creative challenges.

‘Accord’ is Our Creative Key to
New Directions in
Japanese Fashion


Japanese women are known for their attention to personal beauty. Beauty generates energy to enjoy a richer and more fulfilling life. Vendome Yamada is committed to empowering each customer to realize her dreams and create her own personal look. Our brands define new styles and stimulate fashion evolution. As creative professionals, we value beauty, quality, and innovation. Based on this solid foundation, Vendome Yamada nurtures the rich culture of fashion jewelry, ever sensitive to changing tastes yet never chasing superficial trends. Above all, we pursue Accord.

Accord means more than merely accommodating change. Bringing beauty and joy to our customers requires staying finely attuned to their diverse sense of fashion and taste. It calls for us to seek challenges and innovate continuously. As a pioneering force in Japanese fashion, we introduced Japanese women to a new way of enjoying jewelry. To respond with agility to changes in consumer tastes and the business environment, we align ourselves as one team and coordinate our operations. Through our marketing efforts, we seek to win customers’ hearts as we steadily reinforce our competitive advantage.

Going forward, Vendome Yamada will stay true to our ideal of Accord which inspires us to join with the women of the world in pursuit of beauty.

Bringing Our Vision to Life
with Infinite Creativity –
Over Forty Designers of Refined Taste and Skill


At the time of our founding, Vendome Yamada was a 3-person company comprising the CEO and two designers. Our vision was well-defined from the beginning: to make jewelry that we would be happy to wear ourselves. Having in-house designers on this scale is without parallel among fashion jewelry houses, whether within Japan or worldwide. This vast pool of creative energy brings our vision to life at the highest level.

In addition to beauty of form, our creative goals encompass a timeless integrity that, while acknowledging current trends, will never lose its beautiful appeal. Furthermore, we ‘design-in’ a comfortable wearing experience and the ineffable beauty that is Vendome Yamada’s alone.

The French expression ‘savoir-faire’ describes a quality of refined individual taste, an inherited flair for knowing the right thing to do, and a cornucopia of diverse experience. Our artisans exemplify savoir-faire. The savoir-faire of Vendome Yamada is an aesthetic sensibility distilled from repeated contact with authentic objects of beauty. It is an intuitive understanding, finely tuned to what women want to wear. This insight inspires forward-looking designs that evoke the evolving image of what it means to be a woman. Indeed, our source of endless creative energy is the savoir-faire nurtured by our designers and other creative staff over the years.

Rigorous Inspections and Exacting Standards Uphold High Quality

We allow no product to be shipped without passing our final quality assurance inspection. Even with melee and star diamonds as small as 1/200 carat, we examine not only the top but also other angles to detect any defects. The setting is also important. Pins holding the gem must be aligned properly and never catch on clothing. Checking so many fine details lets us deliver authentic Vendome Quality with complete confidence.

Quality to Wear with Confidence –
Everyday Pleasure that Lasts a Lifetime


High quality fashion jewelry is something to be treasured for a lifetime. People naturally expect such quality in costly pieces for special occasions. We believe, however, that authentic, dependable quality is all the more important in jewelry that you wear every day.

Our expert appraisers apply their long experience and knowledge to discern true quality in all the materials from across the globe that become a Vendome piece. Each piece of jewelry is designed for functional convenience and durable integrity to withstand the test of time. In crafting our jewelry & accessories we partner with artisans and specialist manufacturers who give each design the painstaking attention it deserves. To achieve genuine Vendome Quality our strict quality assurance program inspects not only materials and artisanship but also the other parameters that differentiate the Vendome brand.

One of the most important Vendome Quality check-points is how the piece feels against the skin. It must be smooth to the touch, becoming so much a part of your own body that you may easily forget you are wearing it. We also test to deter harm to skin or apparel during long-term use.

If a design does not live up to our high standards, we revise it until we are confident that it is worthy of the Vendome Yamada name. Jewelry accompanies customers through the events of their lives, becoming priceless mementos that evoke cherished moments and special times. It brings us the utmost pleasure to create products that mean so much to their owners.

Selling Our Own Way, Unobstructed by Custom

Vendome Yamada was the first in Japan to employ its own salespeople in department stores. Faithful to our founding principles, we initiated this change so we could personally present our products and learn customers’ true feelings with our own eyes and ears. This was also when we branded our department store presence with fashionable uniforms, custom-made showcases and other items of our own design. Consistently expressing our unique aesthetic sense, our expanding retail outlets differentiated us from rivals. By pursuing our own vision instead of bowing to custom, we built an alluring and well-defined brand that attracts the ardent devotion of our loyal customers.

Customer Engagement is at the Heart of Our Brand’s Success, Underpinned by Merchandising and Product Strength


Vendome Yamada is founded on the principle of making our own products and selling the products we make. Our Jewelry Advisors share with customers the creative story behind each piece. They also note customer responses, tastes, and desires, which we feed back into the creative loop.

In this way, we go beyond the physical product to emotionally engage the customer and enrich the purchase and ownership experience. Value is added when customers appreciate the creative intentions and background of a jewelry item’s design and construction. The Jewelry Advisor also suggests fashion coordination ideas and introduces alteration and maintenance services. By selling to the customer directly, we keep the sales process transparent and communicate the deep sense of responsibility and care we feel for our creations.

Jewelry Advisers notice customer reactions, likes and dislikes, as well as expectations or requests regarding our company. We transmit this information and the opinions of our Jewelry Advisors to the appropriate people and sections of our organization so they can create and enhance products and services in meaningful ways. This Vertical System of ours is central to how we make marketing decisions and plan ahead. By applying this knowledge to our most popular product lines, such as bridal jewelry, we create products aligned with the customer’s point of view.

Through training programs and meetings, we devote considerable time to developing and polishing the aesthetic sense and discerning taste of our Jewelry Advisors, closely supported by marketing and business development. From creation and manufacture to sales and after-sales support, our Jewelry Advisors are at the heart of Vendome Yamada operations.

  • ‘Intellectual, elegant and basic,’ VENDOME AOYAMA is our core brand of fine jewelry for daily use.

  • Ideal as a gift, VA Vendome Aoyama brand jewelry complements the joys and surprises of everyday life.

  • Well-made jewelry to match your personal style, the L.A.H. Vendome Aoyama brand is gender-neutral and timeless.

  • Accenting the life-scenes of womanhood, VENDOME BOUTIQUE is costume jewelry crafted of beautiful materials.

  • The new touchstone of must-have accessories, the PLUS VENDOME line adds timely panache to design basics.

Fresh Dimensions in Beauty Born of Our Distinctive Aesthetic Vision and Style

—House Brand—

Jewelry plays special roles in celebrating life’s precious junctures. It also enriches each day with its luster, adding a sparkle of delight to familiar facets of a woman’s world. This concept has guided our creativity since the time of our founding, as expressed in Vendome Aoyama and throughout the Vendome brand family. From casual everyday jewelry to pieces for special occasions, our full family of in-house brands is a distinctive feature of our business. Indeed, it is precisely because we are able to fully express the aesthetic sensibility and style nurtured by Vendome Yamada, that we enjoy the broad popularity of which we are proud.

In the year 1973 we established Vendome International (today’s Vendome Yamada) inspired by the beauty and esprit we experienced at Place Vendome in Paris. What distinguishes our products, besides core quality, are designs that complement everyday fashion. This signature style grew organically from our corporate culture which freed women designers to create the jewelry they would want for themselves. To keep surprising and pleasing our customers we make a point of exploring new design territory by, for example, collaborating with creators from diverse genres. Staying true to ourselves depends on seeing where bold innovation is of the essence while recognizing which aspects of our heritage are intrinsically valuable and deserve preservation. Our quest for beauty is never ending, as we continue to define new directions in style from a woman’s perspective.

Multi-brand Two-tier Strategy Drives Business Growth

We launched our multi-brand strategy in the early 1980s with a portfolio of distinctive brands. This strategy has continued to show its value in changing times, supporting our growth over the decades.

Japan’s Most Experienced and Comprehensive Licensing Partner

—License Business—

Our multi-brand strategy employs a two-tier architecture comprising our in-house brand family which expresses our Vendome Aoyama DNA, and our licensed brands which express their respective fashion brand personalities. We are convinced that this multi-brand strategy gives us the agility and flexibility to continually offer new designs that comprehensively address ever-changing market trends and opportunities.

Vendome Yamada's founder had experience as a fashion importer. Leveraging that career and his many connections, his high-end international fashion brand experience led him to start a jewelry licensing business.

A licensing business requires a variety of functional capabilities: marketing ability to grasp market trends and customer preferences; market entry planning ability that gives due consideration to brand recognition and market influence; understanding of the brand itself; and brand management to maintain the brand image in the context of products and markets. Other essential skills and functions include product planning and development, manufacturing management, quality assurance, obtaining retail space, sales operations, and more. In addition, our long and varied business experience gives us a discerning eye to evaluate the potential of both domestic and overseas brands.

As the Japanese jewelry industry's leading authority on the licensing business, we have a record of building relationships of trust with brand licensors. Vendome Yamada is proud to be the most respected company in the Japanese jewelry licensing market that can deliver comprehensive marketing and creative capabilities. As your business partner, we work relentlessly to optimize performance.

Management Style and Organization
Empowering Our Creative Staff


To stay ahead while responding to market fluctuations requires unusual sensitivity and imagination, not to mention stability during growth. Competitive strength depends, first, on creating attractive products true to the Vendome Yamada brand image. Second is a management style that inspires every team member to involve themselves with the business from a management perspective.

The style that defines a generation is determined by the jewelry chosen by the majority of women in that era. This is why observation of customer behavior in the retail space is so valuable. At Vendome Yamada we gather information on customer preferences to support decision making and product improvement.This Vertical System is part of our direct marketing approach. Developing our own products has given us the competitive strength to grow our business and come out ahead by responding flexibly to changes in fashion tastes and trends over the decades.

To maintain both stability and growth in the fast-changing world of fashion, we also manage by organizing our business into small teams.These teams develop their own plans and find creative ways to achieve their targets. With this approach, each team member has a clear perception of their role and responsibilities thereby motivating them to finish current tasks and face the next challenge with resourcefulness and confidence.

Our various departments engage in frequent dialogue, listening with an open mind to each other's opinions and always ready to offer assistance. From this is born an atmosphere of collaboration where staff members feel they are all colleagues working together. Our strength is in this management style and organizational methodology which encourage vigorous teamwork built on a firm foundation.

Vertical System is Strong Product Backbone

Our bi-directional merchandising model, one of our strengths, is the natural result of our Vertical System which runs through all our functions, from planning to sales. This system holds the key to giving Vendome Yamada products their unique appeal.

Maternity and Childcare Programs
Support Women at Work

Vendome Yamada’s workforce has been largely female from the beginning. We also took steps to offer women career paths into upper management. We realized that to make products desirable to women, we needed a workplace where female employees could fully demonstrate their potential.With this goal in mind, we were early to introduce maternity leave and childcare programs. Although Japanese law calls for reduced working hours for the parent until a child reaches age three, we extended the program to the end of the third year of primary school. We are honored to have so many enthusiastic female employees empowered by these programs.

  • We have a say in product development. People are really supportive of our sales activities.

    Marketing division, Jewelry Advisor
    Erina Sudo, Marina Sudo

    We have a say in product development. People are really supportive of our sales activities.

    We have a voice in product development through our reports from the sales floor on what customers really want. The marketing division provides thorough instruction on new products and merchandising. As a result, we feel like the products are our own, and customers pick up on this enthusiasm.

  • I travel so people will feel close to headquarters no matter what the distance. Full support keeps us all aligned.

    Marketing division, Sales Tatsuya Tokunaga

    I travel so people will feel close to headquarters no matter what the distance. Full support keeps us all aligned.

    I visit our retail outlets near and far. Sales performance is important but the involvement of salespeople comes first; that’s why I listen closely to everyone’s opinion. We also go all-out to provide a supportive environment that takes the hassle out of work. Sales performance improves when the sales division and the people on the sales floor are on the same team and share the same goals.

  • Together with marketing, we plan how to turn employees’ efforts into business results.

    Product division, Business promotion Aya Kimura

    Together with marketing, we plan how to turn employees’ efforts into business results.

    Our designers create products that take into account customer opinions and market trends. Our job is to convert their efforts into sales. We work with marketing at every stage – from cost management during product planning to retail outlet merchandizing tactics based on itemized sales reports.

  • Good design, by itself, is not enough. Design must drive sales.

    Product division, Planning Erina Masujima

    Good design, by itself, is not enough. Design must drive sales.

    We plan and develop products in light of the business promotion department’s strategy for the next season. This includes product range and pricing based on projections regarding customer tastes and market trends from the sales floor and business promotion division. Together with the business promotion department, we keep the customer in mind as we evaluate and refine prototypes and design drawings at each step toward the finalized design.