We wish to create new jewelry of Japan.
In 1973 when jewelry was not part of Japanese women’s fashion, VENDOME YAMADA CORP. was established.

Over the past 40 years, we have continued to deliver unchanging sparkle to women mainly with jewelry featuring our original design, such as VENDOME AOYAMA, through collaborative efforts with a large number of designers and creators.
With “Intellectual, elegant and basic” as the keywords, VENDOME AOYAMA proposes quality jewelry for your daily use. Our collection ranging from the basic collection to the season collection, which is fun to see and elegant when worn, proposes jewelry that makes Japanese women brilliantly shine in various scenes, while at the same time fitting their lifestyles.
A pearl jewelry collection inspired by the concept of “chic, contemporary, gorgeous,” with Made in Japan quality.

From classic jewelry pieces for formal occasions, to fashionable items with a contemporary twist, our varied lineup suits every taste and ensemble.
Enhance your style with the elegance and beauty of Japanese Akoya pearls from our collection designed for the sophisticated woman.

Two Cities’ Esprit and Our Big Dream
Connected by Jewelry
Vendome of VENDOME AOYAMA derives from Place Vendome, a square located in the first arrondissement of Paris, France.
France is known to have an especially long history and social rules when it comes to jewelry. Among others, Paris is one of the top-notch venues that lead the world’s fashion.
Passing through Saint-Honore, a district packed with popular maisons, to Rue de la Paix…
Place Vendome, where the world’s established jewelers, which are also known as Grand Cinq, stand side by side.
In Japan, there is Tokyo’s Aoyama, home to antenna shops established by a great many fashion and art creators.
With great yearning for those two cities characterized by creativity and trendiness, we created VENDOME AOYAMA.
In the name of the brand are the two cities’ esprit and our big dream connected by jewelry.
Things that Change and Those Not
Dedication to manufacturing by our designers, craftsmen and entire staff and our pursuit of the highest possible quality do not and will not change.

VENDOME AOYAMA’s jewelry is developed by Japanese female designers from the same standpoint as that of our customers in order to make our jewelry something irreplaceable for them.
We thus pay the closest attention to every single detail so that every piece of jewelry we create may be loved over many years, sticking fast to keeping high quality intact.

VENDOME AOYAMA believes that it is always a joy for women to wear jewelry in any age.
Things that change as the time goes by and those to be preserved…
With highly sensitive antennas set up throughout the world to catch even the slightest change in women’s lifestyles, VENDOME AOYAMA focuses on creating highly original designs and pieces of jewelry with class and meticulous taste.
Our passion for creation and our continuous pursuit of our dream have persisted since the company was inaugurated, and will continue as we evolve even more.