In the history of the VENDOME AOYAMA brand, a great many pieces of jewelry have been created,
which has attracted tremendous interest over the years.

The motif that serves as the brand icon is the shape of a heart.
A plump sophisticated shape of heart has enjoyed immense popularity all through the ages.

From among a large number of our original designs,
let us introduce you some of our signature pieces:
Ruby Ring in 1981
Ruby Ring
In the times when jewelry was not so familiar to young women, along with a hit tune with the title “Ruby Ring,” the ruby ring using silver and 10K gold became a hyper seller, giving rise to a social phenomenon.

The concept of ruby as a birthstone became widely accepted, motivating shoppers to choose it when purchasing jewelry.
Bridal Jewelry in 1987
Bridal Jewelry
VENDOME AOYAMA began selling bridal rings, which were available only at fine jewelry counters located on the upper floors of department stores in those days, at the jewelry and accessories counter on the first floor of Isetan Shinjuku department store.

Our trendsetting designs have gained a large following and today, many brands deal with bridal jewelry at jewelry and accessories counters.
Cercle & Quatre in 1997
Cercle & Quatre
This series features solitaire diamonds with our unique settings and in various sizes.

Our original four-claw setting “Quatre” and bezel setting “Cercle” are perpetual favorites, thanks to their classic beauty.
Millennium Ring in 2000
Millennium Ring
In commemorating the new millennium, we launched the Millennium Ring that portrays “010100” with diamonds from 1999 through 2000, and the ring became a big hit.
This ushered in a new trend in limited edition products, which has continued to date.

VENDOME AOYAMA has been and will always be present to fulfill every woman’s dream, consistently delivering unchanging beauty all through the ages.